Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Lies Ahead for 2013?

DIA's first annual What Lies Ahead? report, provides expert insight into the year ahead for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and the product development of medical devices.

With thought leaders from industry and academia asked to choose the trends they foresee shaping the world of medical product development in 2013 most agreed that the number one trend for this year will be “new models of innovation.” Based on the report, it is highly anticipated that industry will focus on collaboration and partnerships which are becoming the new norm for therapeutic research and development as companies look to capitalize on innovations outside their own walls. The report points to shrinking industry R&D budgets as being a motivator for such partnerships. The desire to reduce the time to market for urgently needed medicines and to avoid needlessly exposing patients to previously failed approaches were highlighted as strong motivators as well.

Susan Cantrell, Director, North America at DIA said, “We are excited to provide insights into where the industry is heading each year and what may continue to grow in importance over the next few years. These projections of the future landscape can be valuable to companies as they strategize to successfully meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.”

The study shows expectations of 2013 are that of the continued strengthening of consumer/patient empowerment (2nd most expected trend), a focus on unmet medical needs as the driver for innovations, and growing regulatory cooperation and convergence across multiple regions.

“While this study is specific to North America, and the United States in particular, as the global forum for therapeutic innovation and regulatory science we anticipate it being useful on a worldwide scale,” said Cantrell.

Therapeutic Innovation & Regulatory Science in 2013

1. New Models of Innovation.

2. The Continued Rise of Patient/Consumer Empowerment: the Importance of Patient/Consumer Engagement.

3. Learning How to Utilize Big Data.

4. Achieving Market Access is the New Goal, and Value Is a Key Driver.

5. Regulatory Cooperation and Convergence.

6. Personalized Medicine/Tailored Therapies and Companion Diagnostics.

7. An Explosion of Mobile Health Applications.

8. Continued Importance of Global Markets.*

9. Clinical Trial Data Transparency.*

10. Growing Ability to Make Meaningful Benefit–Risk Assessments.*

11. Laser Focus on Unmet Medical Needs.*

*Trends 8-11 each received the same number of votes for inclusion in the “Top 10” trends.

12. The Era of Data Standardization Is Here.

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