Friday, February 8, 2013

Upcoming DIA Events in Europe, India, Japan and China

From DIA
Training Course: Risk-based Manufacture of Pharmaceuticals: Toxicology and Critical Thinking
March 9 | Beijing, China
Find out how to better manage risk in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. This one day session will show you how to use risk assessment for decision-making and also for setting health-based limits. Case studies and examples from a wide variety of fields will be used. There will also be a discussion on effective risk communication.
25th Annual EuroMeeting
March 4-6 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands
More than 3,000 professionals involved in the development of medicines from more than 50 countries will gather in Amsterdam at EuroMeeting 2013. The event will feature more than 110 sessions, 200 exhibitors and speakers from the European Medicines Agency, the European Commission, the Food and Drug Administration and other regulatory agencies from around the world.
4th Pharmacovigilance Conference in India
March 8-9 | Bangalore, India
Gain useful new insights into the latest global challenges in drug safety, learn about current global safety reporting requirements for prescription and over-the-counter drugs and discuss new, pragmatic approaches to pharmacovigilance. Other key topics will include the regulatory agency clinical safety and pharmacovigilance inspection program in the US, Europe, and Japan, and identifying best practices for quality assurance in post-marketing pharmacovigilance and clinical safety.
6th Regulatory Conference in India
April 5-6 | Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Remaining competitive in the world market despite ever-evolving regulation is the hot topic at the 6th Regulatory Conference in India. The two-day event, entitled ‘India, the Upcoming Economy: Encouraging Enforcement of Regulations’, will bring together the region’s best talent in the pharmaceutical world to understand what the challenges are and how to face them.
2nd Project Management Training Course in Japan
February 20-21 | Tokyo, Japan
A fundamental project management training course on pharmaceutical development. Participants will learn essential and logical techniques of communication, risk management and project team management.
3rd Labeling Workshop in Japan
March 16 | Tokyo, Japan
How do patients respond to medicine labels? Could the safety messages be clearer? Find out through real examples and prescribers’ views at the 3rd Labeling Workshop. The session will also share information on the experiences of pharmaceutical companies, medical institutes and pharmacists.
Submit your abstract for Cardiac Safety Workshop
Call for Abstracts 4th Cardiac Safety Workshop in Japan
July 11-12, 2013 | Ivy Hall, Tokyo
To submit an abstract for the DIA Cardiac Safety Conference please go to the DIA website: Submission Deadline: February 28, 2013 | Author Notification: March 31, 2013.

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