Friday, March 1, 2013

Upcoming DIA Events in Japan, India, China, Latin America and EU

Upcoming Events


3rd Labeling Workshop in Japan
March 16 | Tokyo, Japan
How do patients respond to medicine labels? Find out through real examples and prescribers’ views at the 3rd Labeling Workshop. The session will also share information on the experiences of pharmaceutical companies, medical institutes and pharmacists.

7th Annual Conference for Asian New Drug Development in Japan
April 15-16| Tokyo, Japan
The conference will provide a forum for exchange of opinions among the regulatory agencies in East Asia about how increasing multiregional clinical trial (MRCT) data should be utilized and reviewed in New Drug Applications (NDA) in the region. Constructive discussions will be held on how to overcome the hurdles still remaining in new drug development.


6th Regulatory Conference in India
May 23-24 | Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Remaining competitive in the world market despite ever-evolving regulation is the hot topic at the 6th Regulatory Conference in India. The event, entitled "India, the Upcoming Economy: Encouraging Enforcement of Regulations," will bring together the region’s best talent in the pharmaceutical world to understand what the challenges are and how to face them.


Training Course: Understanding and Implementing Best Ethics Practices in Clinical Research
April 9-10 | Nanjing, China
This course provides an in-depth, practical, and interactive forum so trainees can better understand the critical aspects of ethical requirements, appropriate patient protection, and the Informed Consent Process throughout clinical trials.

5th DIA China Annual Meeting
May 12-15 | Beijing
Centered on the theme “Patient Safety – A Sustained Focus from Scientific Ideas to Innovative Medicines”, the meeting will feature more than 40 sessions and 60 exhibitors. Attendees will share knowledge and experience focusing on better public health protection, patient benefits, best practices, and compliance in alignment with science and regulations.

Latin America

Latin American Regulatory Conference (LARC)
May 15-16 | Bogota, Colombia
This event will focus on “Pharma-Co-Vergence” – the act of achieving pharmaceutical regulatory convergence through stakeholders’ collaboration. Attendees will learn how to define the various initiatives related to global regulatory environment and their impact on the access of medicines and future R&D in Latin America.


7th European Forum for Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance (QPPV)
April 17-18 | London, United Kingdom
The 2013 meeting aims to inform QPPVs about any challenges relating to the ongoing release of the new PV legislation by the EMA and provide recommendations on incorporating those changes into the daily life of the QPPV.
QPPV Preconference Workshop
April 16 | London, United Kingdom

Call for Abstracts
Call for Abstracts 7th Annual Clinical Forum and Exhibition
October 8-9 | Dublin, Ireland
To submit an abstract for the DIA Europe 7th Annual Clinical Forum click here.
Submission Deadline: April 4

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